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  • Module de charge dynamique

    Installer une wallbox a son domicile ou dans son entreprise devient une nécessité pour tous les nouveaux propriétaires de véhicule électrique. Mais cela peut avoir des conséquences sur l’utilisation de ses autres appareils électriques branchés sur le même réseau. Découvrez comment ne pas avoir de problèmes de surtension.

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  • Circuit breakers

    Many people hear about the circuit breaker. But only a minority of people actually know what a circuit breaker is, how it works and how it is useful in an electrical installation. If you want to learn more about this electronic protection device, read this article.

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  • differential switch

    Whether at home or at work, the use of electricity is almost permanent to such an extent that our world can no longer do without it. However, when it is out of control, electricity can be very dangerous and can cause electrification, burns and even death. It is therefore necessary to protect electrical circuits to ensure the safety of people: this is where the differential switch comes in.

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  • Is the outdoor charging station rainproof ?

    Are you hesitating to install an outdoor charging station for fear that it might leak at the first rainfall ? Well, you'll certainly be pleased to know that some models are very resistant to rain. Read on for more information.

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  • Do all the charging stations have the same plug ?

    As an electro-mobilist, it is quite normal to ask yourself if you can easily recharge your vehicle anywhere. So, do all the charging stations have the same plug ? Read this article to find out.

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  • How long does the recharge take?

    The charging time of a car that runs on electricity can vary depending on whether you plug it into a charging station or a plug. Read this article to find out how long it takes to charge your electric or hybrid vehicle.

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  • Do I need a charging station ?

    If you drive an electric car, the question "do I need a charging station" is likely to come back to you every time you need to recharge it. Find out the answer to this question in this article for electro-mobilists.

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  • How to choose a charging point?

    Tips and tricks for choosing the right charging point. Do you want to be able to easily identify the right charging point for your electric car model? Then read this article.

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  • Charging station installation: do you need to modify your electrical system?

    Charging station installation: do you need to modify your electrical system?

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